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Discussion Your pets! I want to see them


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Feb 28, 2018
I love seeing pictures of people's pets, so that's what this thread is for. Post a photo and their name and we will all oooooh and aaaaah.

I have two guinea pigs, if you get to know me or you hang out in the Discord you will probably be subjected to pictures of them from time to time. There's Pepper, the 5 lb somewhat curmudgeonly cuy who decided to wear one of his woven hay houses as a hat:

And Dusty, our sassy long-haired piggy who loves to beep at us and cuddle as well as evict Pepper from any and all houses he tries to hide in:
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Mar 7, 2018
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Those are the cutest lil fluffballs ever. xD Dusty could have a very successful shampoo commercial career!

Seeing how I own a ton of different animals, I'll just share photos of those I consider my 'closest' and most spoiled pets.

Fenrir, a 8 month puppy I'm starting to train with gathering the sheep. He shows good promise and is very cute.

Kvika, my 10 year old mare. I love this stubborn asshole to pieces.

Well... all of the sheep are my babies. I honestly dote them the most of all animals, I think. xD So, two pictures of my second oldest sheep (named Blökk) whom is my biggest favorite (the black one) and then some others (names from left to right are Leira, Skuld and Prinsessa) that are adorable cuties that love cuddles.



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Mar 7, 2018
Here's our fat grey cat, Fritz. He's a jerk, doesn't like me, and is generally an adorable cat when he's not being a big fat prick. I think he weighs 50 lbs. He's a fat ass. Did I mention he doesn't like me?

And here's Tater. He's a Golden Retriever/Shepard mix. He's a runt of the litter. When we adopted him the people had given him the name Tater because he was the only one that was golden. So we agreed he looked like a Tater and it stuck. As you can see...he is a majestic creature....



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Mar 7, 2018
!!! I want all of your pets guys I'm stealing them and taking them home with me ok.

*INSERTS A WHOLE SHITLOAD OF PHOTOS* I like showing off my pets because they're cute :( i'm shameless ok

Also I'll give y'all cookies if you can guess which of the pets are named after someone lolol.

Pippin, my mutt. He's part lab, beagle, pit bull, and something else lmao. He's like 12 or 13 but he's still crazy and energetic as all hell.
IMG_5064.JPG ft. Haru lmao IMG_5065.JPG

Akai, my baby corn snake. She's a very soft noodle, vv nice. She even has a little heart on her head <3

IMG_5059.JPG IMG_5066.JPG IMG_5067.JPG

Oliver, my favorite kitty :') he's very destructive (toilet paper, fabric, he even carried a rolled up poster of mine down the stairs), but he's the cuddliest guy ever and I love him. He sleeps with me every night and follows me around the house (including into the bathroom)

IMG_5069.JPG IMG_5071.JPG ft. his brother, Remus ( they look nothing like. Remus looks more like Joey than anything lmfao) IMG_5072.JPG

Remus, the biggest cat I've ever seen tbh. He's huge and fluffy, but he isn't even fat lmao. His fur isn't even what makes him look big, he just looks large??? He's my beautiful werewolf boi :') He's clumsy as fuck too but he's nice when he's not running up and down the stairs, making you almost fall and diE

IMG_5075.JPG he's in a cat carrier but he doesn't completely fit smh. IMG_5076.JPG

Joey! He's tiny compared to the two previous kittens, but he's three or four now I think. He was a Christmas present we got when he was a kitten. vv sweet and likes to stick his tail in your food and/or your mouth. likes to cuddle with stuffed animals and is photogenic as fuck.

IMG_5077.JPG IMG_5079.JPG IMG_5081.JPG

Stan Leep, my younger sister's frog. She named him and it's the best name in existence, I think. He doesn't do much but he's cute so that's ok. Sadly no photos of him because he hides in a corner all day :(

three rats, whose names I couldn't remember if my life depended on it. One of them is Fae, I remember lmao. All of they're names start with 'F' and they belong to my twin sister. No photos of these cuties either because they're in my sisters room and going in there is toomuchwork. I'll probably post some at some point if you really want.

Percival, our newest bunny :') he's super soft and small and likes to be pet and sit on your lap. will climb all over you and perch on your shoulder if you're sitting on the couch with him.


Alisdair, our other rabbit. she reminds you every night if you forget to give her her treat at 10:00 and tells you exactly where she wants to be pet.



Congrats you made it all the way through lmaoo
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Feb 28, 2018
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I loveeee this thread.

I have two little fluffy cats.

The first one is Bandit. He just turned two and is still an utter nightmare. He's the one we can't leave home alone for 24 hours because the house will be destroyed. But he is a very long, and pretty cat. He lives up to his name.
IMG_2859 (1).JPG

Then I have Stella, she'll be turning two in June! She's got an extra two on each of her front paws! She's my little fat fur ball who purrs the second I touch her.

IMG_2605 (1).JPG [/spolier]