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Unreliable Jerk
Apr 29, 2018
Rewatching Game of Thrones for the third time. I can't get enough of it!

Is it April yet?

...Although. I am reading through the books currently so I can't help but be painfully aware of the television series divergence from the written word. Still. Super stoked to watch the final season!

(I won't spoil anything for anyone, but... My favorite character - and in my opinion, the man who should take the Iron Throne - is dead. Not in the books, just the television series. I'm going to go ahead and assume George RR Martin agrees with me so hopefully he will finish the series instead of continuing the George Lucas route of 'oh let's tell the story of where-before-anyone-gives-a-fuck'...and not feel pressured by what was established by HBO beyond what he had published, of course.)