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Discussion Spring?

Touch of Insanity

The Mad Queen
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Queen Of The Bedroom
Feb 28, 2018
Crazy Canada
Well it's that time of year. When Spring is lurking around the corner.I wanna hear what spring is like for you! A great wonderful time? Too much rain or does it just skip right over you?

Spring here is like a big huge tease. You get a little taste of it, but really you can't trust it's finally spring until the end of April. The fact of the matter is, I've got a huge snowstorm outside, and last week I could see the grass. THE GRASS.

And finally despite it still only being March


Professional Stalker
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Key Holders
Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
Spring really starts for us in May or late April, if we're lucky.

Sometimes we're piled up in snow until June. It really depends on how bitchy the weather feels. *glares at sky*

For me, spring is awesome. Because then it starts being bright 24/7 again. The sun sets around midnight, it never gets fully dark, and then it rises again around 3 am. Gotta love it! Birds are chirping like crazy, the grass is getting green, flowers blossoming - yep. It's awesome. (IF THE SNOW GOES AWAY.)

Plus the fact that all the lovely lambs are born in May! And Eurovision is in May! I love sitting out in the stables while listening to the song competition with the sheep. :p I'm a full time midwife on night-shifts throughout May and until early June. Spring is for me, one of the most crazy and busy time of the year.