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Feb 28, 2018
1. Trades are not one-sided.
Once you agree to an art trade with someone, make sure you fulfill it or reach out to the other artist to let them know you cannot do so. Don't leave that member wondering when they'll see their reciprocated art piece.​
2. You are not required to display your art.
Especially if it would break the rules of the site. This board is mainly for finding artists wanting to trade, displaying what you do for each other is completely optional. Nobody is to pressure or force any artists to post their art if they do not wish to do so.​
3. If you are trading porn, do not post or discuss it here.
In keeping with our NSFW rules, please do not discuss trading pornographic artwork publicly or privately on the site. If you find a partner and decide that's what you'd like to do, move the conversation and actual trade off-site.​
4. This isn't the place for critiques.
Critiques belong on the Creative Outlet board if the member is open to them. Use this board just to find trade partners and display your work afterwards.​
5. This is not the place to plug yourself.
Advertise on the Creative Outlet board, do not post your commission rates and information here.​