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Arrival Reverberates~

Mar 7, 2018
Alrighty, so intro. Here goes. My name is Echo, though a friend on here likes to call me Lewd Echo-chan. It speaks for itself. I like to write a lot and I like to write a lot of erotica though I enjoy a good story as well.

I work, a lot, typically into overtime each week. I work as a manager at sonic drive in. We're the busiest sonic in our city. Maybe even county. I'm throwing this out there because it's just sort of like one of those goddamn things.. I work from 4am to 12pm est 6 days a week. And in the morning I have to cook for breakfast prep. I cook 15 sausage patties, 32 scrambled egg folds, and over 240 strips of bacon. Every morning. Here.. have a picture of said bacon~


Moving right along I am a mother of 4 children. 29 year old daughter, 15 year old son, and 11 year old twins, one of each. I am also the mother of a 74 year old mother in law who is worse than the children. I have one more big kid, @Kalab who is also on the site. He's my better half though and I love him to pieces. Another fun fact. Kalab and I met on another role-playing site about 9 years ago, dated long distance for a couple of years before I moved to live with him. So I get a bit sentimental when people say it is hard to find someone online. It wasn't hard at all. If they're out there, you may yet still find them, on or off the computer.

Anywho, mushy stuff aside, I have an rp guide that some of you might find interest in. I made it myself on Google slides, though I will only be sharing said guide to those that ask since some of the slides are very not safe for work image wise. If you'd like to see my guide just let me know and I will dm it to you. ^^; Just keep in mind that it is a work in progress so I will be adding to it regularly. =3 Well, more so regularly soon once my computer is working again. ;-;

Which brings me to a final note. At this time I am only accepting new rps for discord. I am on my phone for writing 100% of the time now without a working computer and discord is just way easier for me for now. Once my computer is up and running again though I will more than likely begin rping on the forums again. I like it when people can read my stories.. >y> true exhibitionist here lul..

Well I guess that's about it then. Thanks for having me here and I look forward to hopefully meeting more of you! ^^;

Echo-chan, over and out~


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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
I'm happy you decided to write here!

Btw, I am so coming over for breakfast some day. *slurps* That's a LOT of food! xD

I love hearing about your story with Kalab - it's truly wonderful when online/long distance relationships really do work out. <3

Looking forward to reading your stories! Get dat computer running!!