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Discussion Random Facts About You!


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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
I'll be expecting an invitation to a huge party once you turn 30. Just because I say so.

Fact: I keep eating the candy I'm making for Christmas. So I make more. And I have a feeling I'll be needing to fast through January and February if this keeps going.
Fact: My Discord wont stop updating and it's killing my already fragile internet. e_e
Fact: I hate balloons.
Fact: I'm cold. But too lazy to get more blankets.
Fact: I'd like more snow and less rain.
Fact: Yesterday I spent way too much time petting my sheep.
Fact: There is no such thing as spending way too much time when it comes to petting my sheep.
Fact: I keep releasing mice from the mouse traps because I don't wanna kill them if they are still alive when I arrive................. which kind of ruins the whole factor of having mouse traps to begin with.
Fact: I curse too much... or so people say.
Dec 4, 2018
Picking Santa´s pockets
Fact: I tasted pig skin and loved it! Lot's of salt, thought.
Fact: I secretly eat D vitamins and not share them with my gf
Fact: I placed a ledstrip under the bed only so my better half will see the dust gathered down there and vacuum it
Fact: I truly believe in aliens

And @Blizzer, you are more than welcome at my 30's party, but I demand gifts. You can bring me socks, one could never have too many.