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Sep 3, 2018
I don't understand the In the Bedroom topics, and what's the meaning of the prefixes in that section?

I also don't understand the Topics section under Deadzone.


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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~

'In the Bedroom' is the forum where you'll be writing your story/stories with your partner/s; meaning it's the Roleplaying section. There you'll have all the IC (In Character) interactions. The prefixes are there to tell the reader of said threads if the story is centered around a plot that involves FxM (Female and Male interactions - with or without romance and sexual acts), FxF (Female and Female interactions, with or without romance and sexual acts) or MxM (Male and Male interactions, with or without romance and sexual acts).

You can either choose that as a prefix or choose to rather show how naughty the thread will be (how much of smut and sexual interactions will be in it) with the other prefixes that are available. So, for an example, if you'd make a thread in the 'In the Bedroom' forum and you'd want said thread and plot to revolve mostly around sexual things, you'd mark it as 'Always Naughty'. If you'd rather focus on plot and not write out anything sexually related, you'd be marking the thread with 'Never Naughty'.

The forum marked 'Deadzone' has the topics/threads within it that have been archived. They are dead, no longer active.