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Looking for tech staffer


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Feb 28, 2018
We have an opening for someone who loves working with CSS and themes to finish reskinning our site in a few more color schemes. This would be altering the CSS of Xenforo 2 themes and possibly adding some fiddly little icons when we have them. You will also be responsible for handling bug reports - a lot of these are due to developers not updating their add-ons so it usually involves troubleshooting, googling and possibly contacting the dev. Not much experience? No problem, we just need someone who's passionate and wants some hands-on experience.

Whomever fills this slot will report to me which means you will have the option of escalating problems to me if they are out of your depth. I would love for someone interested in styling and front end tech to take this spot and grow and pick up experience. If this sounds like fun to you, please message myself or Insanity.