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Arrival Hi everyone!

Oct 21, 2018
Hi everyone! I am brand new to the site! I took a little break from RP but I am back and so excited to meet new people and write with some great partners!

My style is typically vanilla type love scenes and the sweet and sensitive kind but I am willing to experiment and try different types as well! I usually write in third person but first person is always great as well. The great part of my style is that I am always listening to my partner and if they like something to be changed then I go for it. Plus my charm is amazing as I have been told lol!

On the Seeking Female Characters forum I posted 6 RP story ideas that I would love someone to message me if they are interested. I can’t wait to start writing with some of you and I always encourage you alll to message me because my inbox is always open! I promise to always reply within 24 hours and I promise you will not be disappointed. Hope to hear from you alll soon!


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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
Sometimes taking a break is what's needed in order to come back with even better writing!

Hopefully you'll be able to draw in some partners for some sweet lovin'. :) Don't hesitate to send a staff member a PM if you ever need anything.