• Welcome to Behind Closed Doors Role Play. We are new an 18+ role playing website that enjoy writing stories with some sexual flair. Whether you are new or experienced, we want your creativity to flow without fear of being judge or feeling like you’re in an unsafe environment. So, take your key and closed the door behind you. Many wonderfully erotic story writing awaits you!

Arrival Hello.

Mar 14, 2018
I’m a few days off on saying anything, I apologize. Hello everyone! I’m Tora Asumi and I look forward to getting roleplays started with people. Details of what I like will be discussed in private messaging just because I think it makes sense. I hope to have fun here and I look forward to it all. ^^

Here ... We ... Go!

Red Haired Goddess of... Spraypaint!
Mar 7, 2018
[Waves Cheerily]
Oh, one can leave after the doors been shut... Just follow the mystical graffiti randomly strewn about. Don't worry, its completely safe! :D
[Quickly Hides Spraypaint in hand]

Hope you enjoy your stay!