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Arrival Hello friends. Visit my corner of the asylum.

Nov 24, 2018
Hello guys. How are you today?

First and foremost I want to introduce myself. My name is HellishDaddy.

I am 26 years old and have a lot of fun playing characters that have a few screws loose and I absolutely love horror.

I am down for about everything other then verbal abuse and humiliation and I only play doms. Absolutely love Incest and Master and Pet rps.

I can get quite kinky with roleplays and would never judge. So if you have a kink that is way out there, please come and ask, you never know if I will say yes and it is none of my business to shame you for your likes and dislikes, only respect them and respectfully decline if it on the rare off chance is too kinky for me.

I am here for friendship too. For some reason irl I can't seem to have friends without tearing out my hair, so if you just want to hang out on discord and talk. Hit me up.

That is all for now, hope to see the roleplays come in soon. ^^