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Discussion Green things!

Touch of Insanity

The Mad Queen
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Feb 28, 2018
Crazy Canada
Plants! Yes plants. I wanna hear about them!

I’m currently think of getting another plant. I’ve managed to keep both my Bonsai tree and Bamboo plant alive for a few years now. Both had their near-death experiences along the way until I found the perfect way to keep them. The first to almost die was my bonsai tree. I replanted it one winter because it was getting to big for its pot and it seemed to lose all it’s leaves and nearly died. We brought it back to my place (it was at my mothers for a few months) and it sprung back to life. I’ve since then realized it sort of goes into this hibernation in the winter/spring, and thrives in my window were it gets lots of sunlight. I had my bamboo plant for longer, and always kept it up on the top of my desk out of the way, and one day moved into the same window. The leaves started to turn yellow and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. With a googling it was apparently getting sunburnt! It was getting too much sunlight and therefore starting to die! Once I moved it back to where I had it to start it perked back up and over time the dead leaves disappeared.

But the trick is this plant has to be cat friendly! Hopefully not easy to kill either. I’ve killed so many other plants it’s not even funny. But I’m slowly getting better at this.


See yah space cowboy...
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Mar 7, 2018
I have a black thumb. The only plant I ever managed to keep alive for any period of time was an aloe vera plant. But I killed that too. Do plastic ones count?


-Skrees in Adorable-
Apr 9, 2018
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If you don't mind the disgusting pores in the bottom side of a fern, go for one of those. :3 Good for air quality. Or, peace lillies! Spider plants too, since they are easy to repot and grow more. Just.. the overhanging leaves might be a temptation for kitties.