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Oct 5, 2018
Hello there,

I am Untamed... Go on make a joke about my name, everyone does in the end.

I have been roleplaying for nearly 19 years, during these years I have seen the birth and death of many a roleplay. Some of my own making and others that were just insanely fun and well written. Despite the many years I have under my belt, I still hold all my past roleplays in a light that shows how much I have evolved as a roleplayers... Starting from my first ever roleplay entitled "Blood and Steel"... A roleplay that died after just two days and yet continued to be resurrected by other players, despite it's paper-thin plot... All the way to my Trilogy of roleplays, simply entitled "The Outsiders: Losing Paradise, War for Paradise and Regaining Paradise".

Most of the roleplaying experience is of the Group variety and as such I have very little experience with 1 on 1 roleplays.

I am here now to continue growing as a writer and to see just what new horizons lay beyond the stars.

Outside of roleplaying, I am an avid Archer, Gamer and all around bookworm. When it comes to games, I prefer RPG's leaning mostly towards Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Skyrim.

I hope to find some wonderful partners here.


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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
Nice to meet you. :)

It's always fun to reminisce about the first roleplays, remembering how proud one was of the posting - and now comparing and seeing how much we've grown as writers. Sadly, I've witnessed way too many good RP's dying (and many of mine included in that). I'm always thankful for the partners that never disappear and with whom I've become good friends.

It's interesting seeing a person here that's more versed in group RP's rather than 1 on 1 - I've tried out group RP's just two or three times, and they've never even started off from the plotting! So, kudos to you. x)

I looove Skyrim (although Doom is my favorite game ever). One of the things I really love about Skyrim is the fact that it gives me the chance of letting my inner hoarder out!