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Finding my feet


Feb 2, 2019
I'm told they're at the end of my legs, but I can't see because my shoes are in the way.

Anyway... Hullo! Nice to meet you all! I'm Jeckle, and yes, it's from the cartoon. I'm old. :p I've been writing RPs for a very, very long time, and I'm diving back into it all again after a short hiatus. I needed something new and different, you know? So I'm going to poke around a bit here and there, chat some folks up, through up a few ideas of my own to see if anything comes of it. The usual sort of thing one does when they start at a new site, I guess.

More about me, though... Hmmm... Okay, so I don't do one-liners. I don't ghost. I try to listen to my partners to make sure everyone is getting what they want out of the story. I want everyone to have fun. I generally play male characters against female characters, but not always. I don't care much what my writer partners' actual gender/identity/orientation is; that's just none of my business. I don't confuse people for their characters, and I don't bug folks for private information or pics or whatnot. I'm a bit of a switch with a slight preference for playing submissive characters, but if there's no plot then there's no story. There's got to be a story, I can't just do endless... you know... If I was looking for that I would just be cybering or whatever they call it.

I suppose that's about all for now. Hope to see you all around the boards!


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Apr 29, 2018
Welcome to BCD, Jeckle! Always nice to see a new face around here. Hope you find some amazing writing partners and have good times~

Best of luck!
Mar 10, 2018
Indeed, welcome. As I said, I hope You'll find a lot of great writing partners and even beyond that I hope You'll find a lot of threads to read that will be enjoyable, too. Anyhow, great to hear that You're coming back to the field after a brief break. We've got a pretty friendly and respectful community so I just feel like You're going to find someone to write with that'll be a stellar match.


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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
Welcome to the site! Don't hesitate to contact a staff member if you have questions or concerns! Hopefully you'll be able to meet wonderful partners quickly and make some magic happen!