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Discussion Favorites!

SnowWhite RoseRed

Forgotten princess
Aug 2, 2018
Hollow Bastion
I think it's kind of fun to compile lists of one's favorites, and to read about other folks. So feel free to fill this out and discuss! Of course, if you come across something you don't have a favorite of, feel free to mention that or just remove from your list.


Place to visit:
Thing you can't live without:
Plot candy:
Anything else you want to mention:

SnowWhite RoseRed

Forgotten princess
Aug 2, 2018
Hollow Bastion
Heh, I posted the thread, I should do this.

Food: Cheese popcorn
Color: Dark, rich purple
Flower: Iris
Scent: Bergamot and violets
Place to visit: The used bookstore
Author: Sue Monk Kidd
Band: Rise Against
Movie: Wonder Woman
Book: Practical Magic
Animal: A tie between tigers and butterflies
Thing you can't live without: My cat
App: Love Nikki Dress Up Queen
Game: Final Fantasy X
Plot: Secret prince, love this one
Plot candy: Having to share a bed before being in a romantic relationship
Superhero: Nightwing
Anything else you want to mention: My favorite drink is a London fog, which is an earl gray tea latte with a splash of vanilla


Professional Stalker
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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
Food: Chocolate... sushi... red meat... a lot of things. x)
Color: Just about any shade of blue and purple.
Flower: Lupine.
Scent: Lemon.
Place to visit: Many.
Author: Margit Sandemo.
Band: Too many to count. Static-X & Rammstein are the two that popped first into my mind.
Movie: The Boondock Saints.
Book: I like many book series and a ton of books.
Animal: Sheep.
Thing you can't live without: Music.
App: None.
Game: Doom.
Plot: Not sure.
Plot candy: Not sure.
Superhero: None.
Anything else you want to mention: Give me candy, plz.


Author. Dreamweaver. Visionary. Plus Actor.
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Mar 7, 2018
Food: Pizza - Mushrooms and pepperonis
Color: Green, purple, black
Flower: Stargazer lily
Scent: patchouli
Place to visit: My bed
Author: Rick Castle
Band: The Distillers
Movie: Planes, Trains, & Automobiles
Book: Ready Players One
Animal: Dogs
Thing you can't live without: My bed, the interwebs, complaining, my gf
App: Flashlight
Game: Chrono Trigger
Plot: The one with the whosit and wuzzles.
Plot candy: Odd couples
Superhero: Deadpool
Anything else you want to mention: I like cookies. And sleep.

Dawn Jellyfangz

Scynister Scyphozoan
Mar 7, 2018
hell's heart, I stab at thee

Pizza, maybe?
Color: Teal
Flower: Irises, snapdragons
Scent: Cinnamon, probably
Place to visit: My girlfriend's place
Author: Terry Pratchett
Band: Tough one. Finntroll probably comes closest.
Movie: Princess Bride or Gladiator
Book: Don't really have on at the moment.
Animal: Weasels
Thing you can't live without: Uh, an internet connection
App: Not really something I think about
Game: Chrono Trigger, Baldur's Gate
Plot: Not sure
Plot candy: Not sure
Superhero: Batman


Unreliable Jerk
Apr 29, 2018
Food: A well marinaded and medium cooked ribeye. Bonus points for a smothering of sauteed mushrooms and onions, seasoned with garlic salt and course black pepper.
Color: Vivid blue
Flower: Rose
Scent: Vanilla
Place to visit: Parks
Author: Steven Brust
Band: They Might Be Giants
Movie: The Road to El Dorado
Book: The Phoenix Guards
Animal: Cat
Thing you can't live without: Coffee
App: Calculator
Game: LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete
Plot: Whatever might suit my fancy at the moment.
Plot candy: "Forbidden Love" - outside of incest. Things like: a prestigious noble in love with a half nameless bastard, some setting of feuding houses or faction differences, hero/villain...that sort of stuff.
Superhero: Spider-Man
Anything else you want to mention: Video games. MMOs, RPGs, and turned based strategy games, mostly. Favorite series: Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Mario Platforms and Kart.


Umbra Queen
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The Bouncer
Feb 28, 2018
The Sanctum
Food : Sushi without a doubt.
Color : Blue.
Flower : Snapdragon.
Scent : Fresh Laundry.
Place to visit : The mountains.
Author : Stephen King.
Band : I like so many genres of music, but if I had to pick only one, I'd say Blue Stahli.
Movie : Phantom of the Opera 2004 Rendition.
Book : The Uglies series.
Animal : White's Tree Frog.
Thing you can't live without : My boyfriend and my phone.
App : None.
Game : The Elder Scrolls series.
Plot : Horror.
Plot candy : N/A.
Superhero : Deadpool.
Anything else you want to mention : I also love my online friends (perhaps way more than I should) a lot.


Mechanical Master
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King Of The Bedroom
Feb 28, 2018
Food: Chicken salad sandwich with cucumbers
Color: Green
Flower: Trillium
Scent: Horses
Place to visit: San Sebastian, Spain (hoping to go back soon)
Author: Currently it would be William Gibson
Band: Hail Mary Mallon
Movie: The Dark Crystal
Book: The Birdeater
Animal: Guinea pigs
Thing you can't live without: Computer
App: Love Nikki
Game: Else.Heartbreak()
Plot: Cyberpunk
Plot candy: Two people who can't stand each other slowly become friends over the telling of the story
Superhero: Dax the Destroyer
Anything else you want to mention: Be excellent to each other


"Ba'Shira has many goods for sale...take a look!"
Aug 3, 2018
Food: All BBQ, seafood and pizza
Color: Cerulean blue, like from the night theme
Flower: White rose
Scent: Fresh linen
Place to visit: anywhere in Italy
Author: James Patterson
Band: 3 Door Down
Movie: all of the Bournes
Book: any video game adaptation
Animal: Chocolate lab
Thing you can't live without: Music
App: Youtube
Game: Skyrim
Plot: unlikely allies become lovers
Plot candy: bitter hatred giving way to pure lust
Superhero: Captain Marvel
Anything else you want to mention: Hmm...drawing a blank here *puts down a blank piece of paper* Bam, see?


An Intricate Piece of Infinity
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Mar 25, 2018
Atlanta, GA
Heeeere we go!

Food: Too many to mention, but what's on my mind right now is barbecue ribs.
Color: Midnight blue, though other dark blues/purples apply here.
Flower: Tiger Lily
Scent: Cinnamon
Place to visit: Mountains. Without a doubt.
Author: John Grisham
Band: Nine Inch Nails
Movie: Pulp Fiction.
Book: Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon
Animal: Wolf.
Thing you can't live without: Music
App: WTForecast
Game: I'm going to have to say Doom. This was not an easy choice to make.
Plot: Nothing specific, but preferably dark in mood...
Plot candy: N/A
Superhero: I've never had a specific favorite. but I like Punisher well enough... so, sure?
Anything else you want to mention: These days, I primarily LARP and do table top games. The plot is just what it is.
Sep 9, 2018
Food: Pretty much seafood

Color: Pink

Flower: I don't like flowers lol, not my thing.

Scent: Vanilla

Place to visit: My home. No drama, no attitude, all relaxation.

Author: No favorites I love them all

Band: Linkinpark

Movie: Children Of Men

Book: Howl's Moving Castle

Animal: Persian Kittens

Thing you can't live without: Lotion and perfume.

App: Google Docs

Game: Final Fantasy XV

Plot: A plot to keep me guessing to the very end.

Plot candy: An arranged marriage of hate initially but turns into romance.

Superhero: Batman