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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
I've always thought everybody dreamed frequently and remembered their dreams pretty well, because that's the case for me. I dream a lot almost every night, and can almost always remember everything. But after talking to a few people, I've noticed it's not really all that common? Sooooo - I figured I'd just ask around and see who else dreams aaaall the time.

I used to have nightmares almost every night when I was a child, but now they aren't really frequent at all. (THANKFULLY.) Due to the frequency of them at the time though, I learned how to wake myself up and I've also been able to realize when I'm dreaming like 85% of the time. When I do realize it, I try to alter the dreams and often succeed in it - although I find it a bit limited just how much craziness I can do.

SO, my questions are: Do you dream often? Do you remember your dreams well? Do you have nightmares? Can you control anything in your dreams? Can you wake yourself up?



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Feb 28, 2018
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I generally don't dream. But when I do they come in a string of weird fucked up nightmarish combos. They are usually very vivid but I will forget details of them if I don't write them down right away. I have only ONCE, realized I was dreaming and I think that freaked me out more then when I didn't realize I was dreaming.

I've followed this super bad ass spy lady in her late forties try and take on a t-rex end of the world type thing.
I've hid from a mass shooting in this strange Disney theme cottage/camping area
I've been on the run from this hotel cult thing being taken down by the FBI with my family only to randomly end up in a movie theater with a scary movie cult leader on the screen while a family friend tried to sell dildos while his kids were right beside me. (their like actual children)
I've been a sim while at my cottage, and had a weird moment with a black listed family member.
I've played Marco polo in a pool with robots on the roof.
I've hidden in a church from a murdering vampire trying to protect my baby sister
I've chased a blue wizard through a jungle only for them to shrink down to disappear into a red metal lunch box.

These are just a few random ones.
Mar 8, 2018
I remember a lot of my dreams and the more I think about the dreams I wake up from, the more I realize how logic is completely thrown out the window in dreams. So I wake up at 4 A.M. every day (except Sundays) for work. I hate waking up that early, obviously, but I had a dream about building a device that goes around your phone to seal it so when the alarm goes off it silences it and keeps it still so you don't wake up from it. It seemed like an amazing idea in the dream, except upon awakening the first question is. Why not just turn the phones alarm off?

I have extremely weird, strange dreams that never make sense. Never any nightmares or lucid dreams, or even horny dreams. Just dreams that try to seem as realistic as possible to fuck me up when I wake up, sometimes I have to take a minute to realize it isn't a memory just a dream.


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Mar 8, 2018
Midwest, US
I've dreamed for as long as I can remember. There have been a few reoccurring dreams experienced through the passing of time. Almost all are in color and extremely active. Many are as if I'm in a movie watching it play out around me, or a tv series where a goal must be met on my part. I'm no expert on dreams, but I have learned to realize when I am dreaming. Most of the time. I can change my course of action once I do, but most of the time I cannot change the outcome of the inevitable events my mind needs to play out. The ones in black & white have been, by far, the oddest of them all. They are more like glimpses of a past life than an actual dream. When in a dream, I almost never look like myself and the image varies. They say never to look inside a mirror when dreaming. I do all the time. Not sure if its cause I dig the clothes I'm wearing, or if its purely out of curiosity. I have never had a dream where I've died. I've been injured severely and it did feel real, but never ended up in death. I'm not sure what consists of a nightmare as I have very little fear.

Hope this is informative or at least interesting to you. :)


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Feb 28, 2018
I dream vividly and sometimes to the point that I wake up exhausted. When having good dreams, they are typically rich, complicated and all over the place. I've had recurring elements pop up over and over such as: a strange hotel that's partially inter-dimensional, a super cool office made of glass I wish I worked in, a very cozy but open air ski chalet. I've also had dreams that picked up on a previous dream's plot so I could continue the story or I was in the role I'd been in another dream which is pretty neat.

I haven't successfully lucid dreamed other than waking up and falling back asleep into the same dream in order to continue it (if I was determined to see it through to the end) or waking myself up when I got fed up with the storyline or it became too unpleasant.

One of my favorites will always be dreaming I was in the setting of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, complete with a home I'd probably stolen after killing the owner and then filling up with tons of items I didn't really need. It was awesome and so realistic, even up to the point where I had to start fleeing a group that was chasing a bounty on my head, which meant teleporting through armoires.

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Mar 7, 2018
hell's heart, I stab at thee
So I was just taking a nap, and man, this was a trip.
I was watching a newscast, and they were talking about some village (Russian, of course) that had domesticated bears and used them essentially like guard dogs, but for some other beast-of-burden tasks as well. Suddenly, I was transported there.

The tame bears were heavily trained apparently, and they trimmed their fur into weird haircuts (like poodles), then covered them in this like... protective padding that looked a bit like mushed up lint or something.

They had a bunch of tents with "decoy lights" to simulate campsites, so if the bears got mad they could go destroy one and then they'd become more docile after venting their rage.

Then I saw this guy and his little daughter (like five or something) tormenting a bear and shooting at it with guns, and they like... forced it into a ravine where it fell and died. So I was really pissed and telekinetically tossed them in the ravine (I always have random psychic powers in dreams when there's something I want to change, but usually I'm never lucid, I just know I can control stuff).

And then everything got bugnuts insane.

I mean, you'd expect them to react with hostility to me punishing two of their folks, but what you wouldn't expect is for half of them to suddenly turn into wizards/monsters or some shit, some of which attacked and fought me, some of which started fighting each other, the sky darkened, it was an instant horrorshow.

I fought a bunch. The only one I clearly remember was one of them was like.... Warwick Davis. But he was like a vampire, with the Victorian clothes, and long, luxurious raven hair, and he was floating around. I tried decapitating him (I was like, slashing motions with my hand to send out a shockwave) and it severed his head but since he was a vampire it just instantly reattached and he waggled his finger and mouthed "no, no, no".

Faded out from around there.

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Aug 2, 2018
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I remember my dreams very vividly. They're usually only of two strains though. One I'm not comfortable discussing at all so we'll pass on those. The others are generally bloody, dark with shadow, the kind of dreams that fuel the horrible parts of my writing. I keep a journal of them.

Only very rarely, I have the kind of dream that is so sweet and good that it makes me weep when I wake up because of course it's a place where I can't stay.