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Enjoy chatting with others? Have discord? Well, so do we! Come join us!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BASIC DISCORD RULES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1) Follow Wheaton’s Law- “Don’t be a Dick”. In real time chatting especially, it's easy to get carried away with an argument, take sarcastic humor too far, or just be generally rude. If a Staff Member requests you to drop a subject - do it. They are trying to save you from going too far. Should you ignore the warning, you could be booted out of the server for a few hours. How do you know who is staff? They are the Key Holders and Royalty. If you click their name you will see their custom title, but it also shows in the side bar as well.

If you find yourself met with passive aggressive comments, having a heated debate that is starting to go down hill, someone is being outrageously rude, or being a disruption to chat - use the Report system on the site. Copy all of the logs and post them into your report so we can get the full scope of the issue. If this happens over Voice Chat, please explain in detail what happened, and who was around during the incident.

Sometimes someone isn't breaking any actual rules, but they are causing you distress. You're not going to like everyone on BCD and we understand this. Make use of the ignore function to make those annoyances disappear. It'll make less stressful for you, and less awkward for everyone else.

2) You do NOT have to be a registered member of BCD to use our server; but if you want access to our full list of discussion and voice channels you will need an BCD account. We request that all members use their forum name or an easily recognizable variation of it. This way all members will know who you are and prevent confusion. You can change your display name by left clicking your name and selecting Change nickname.

3) Our Discord server contains a NSFW channel This way you can share jokes, funny pictures, and risque items safely. After all, like on BCD people go on discord while at work, at school, with their family or just out in public in general. You are also able to mute the channel if you’re really worried by left clicking the channel and hitting mute. HOWEVER, though some naked things and NSFW content are allowed, you are not allowed to link/post porn in any shape way or form in this channel.

4) You are 100% allow to talk about other roleplay sites as you please. Share your experiences and your links. But please avoid trash talking other websites. We would not appreciate other sites doing it to us, so we will not do it to others.

5) If you want to share a bunch of images, links, or videos - use the proper channels. This prevents burying and flooding out the main channels right in the middle of peoples conversations.

Have fun!
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