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Discussion Basic system for a group.

Mar 7, 2018
I was thinking of maybe organising a group for a group roleplay that would be a bit like D&D, as in we sit for four hours at most, once per week, or per two weeks or per month.

And I have a few thoughts on the very basis of a system that would fascilitate roleplaying. A simple system of attributes based on D6s, the most common dice in the world, literally everyone has one.
Now, each level in an ability will add another dice (Five dice at most probably.). Should I employ a system where the dice are added to give a number which will then be compared to the difficulty number (Which will go higher, further down the line), or simply have a system that goes from 2-6 in difficulty and the extra dice are simply more chances at hitting or surpassing the difficulty.

(1st option: Diana wants to jump over the tentacle trap, she rolls her level two Athletics and comes up with 9 as the result, the difficulty number was 8, so she jumps over it unmolested.)

(2nd option: Jack is trying to resist the mind control spell, he has two levels in Will, he rolls a 5 and a 2, the difficulty was Six, since the caster is powerful, so he fails and is captured.)

There is a third option where stats are compared and then the player must do a roll. 4 is the difficulty, if the levels are the same in an ability, 5 if the opponets is a level higher, 3 if the opponent has a level lower in the employed stat.

I also will have a talent system where the characters buy talents: lockpicking, trap finding, magic(several kinds with different abilities each), hacking, disguising, etc.

Might post a thread after a bit of feedback on what you think is better. I don't have anything more specific as the setting hasn't been thought of yet, I will tailor the system to the setting.

I basically want to make an easy system that will allow me to GM a game. (I also don't agree with some things D&D does.)

If anyone will pick up this, it would be not the easiest ride, if I do put a setting out, and it would be through either Discord chat, or even voice chat, and not threads. Will also probably be a bit of a lew game, in a "porn" setting, although if there isn't an interest about that it isn't really needed.

Sorry for my disjointed rumblings.