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Games Appreciate the Greats


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Apr 29, 2018
Hey everyone!

I know I'm not alone in my appreciation of video games, so why not start a thread about it? Let's post about titles (past or present, any genre) that deserve some praise~

Now. There are a lot of games that are due credit from me. But at the moment? There's only one I want to recognize.

LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete

I am positively baffled how often I mention the title to a fellow gamer and get a blank look in response. The original, LUNAR: The Silver Star (Sega CD) has been re-released/remastered three times (LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete [PS], LUNAR: Legend [GBA], LUNAR: Harmony [PSP])! ...And...I mean...it's a classic JRPG. Seriously, the only people I know that have played are friends to whom I loaned the discs (and relentlessly pestered). Meanwhile, here I am, considering a Nall tattoo. So. If anyone else has played, please chime in and make me feel better about the world and the people in it.

I know that my attachment to this title is largely nostalgic. I was pretty young when the original was released, and...well. In 1992 this was super impressive. I was obsessive enough that I recorded the opening song on a cassette, back-to-back, and...uh...tortured my older brother by playing it incessantly. I was in love with it all: the music, the characters, the story. And four short years later, the game was re-released on the PlayStation, with better cut scenes and voice acting (and of course overall graphics). My personal favorite version, truthfully, which is why I mentioned SSSC initially.

Anywho. Lots of merits to discuss here but I don't enjoy talking to myself as much as it might seem...so. I'm not going to delve in to the story or characters specifically unless there is a glimmer of interest. Suffice it to say that LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete is amazing and if you haven't played it, this random internet lady totally thinks you should.

Let's hear about some excellent games! What title do you owe appreciation?


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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
I haven't played LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete but I can relate to that feeling of nostalgic love for something. :LOL:

Final Fantasy VIII

This is the first Playstation game I remember being in awe of. I mean, sure, today the graphics don't seem like much, but back then it was the best! I love the storyline, the characters, everything about it. You could literally play this game foreeeveeerrrr without even having to finish the story line. Hoarding magic, training GF's, running around like an idiot, trying to make the best weapons you can, etc etc. It's honestly the only FF game I've really gotten into... but it's not like I've tried them all. This one just really got me and holds me tight in its embrace. :love:

This game also opened my innocent eyes to the fact that yes, one can crush over fictional characters.

Still to this day, I play the end song and all dem feeeeeeeeeels crash over me. :cry:


The old and new versions are all my babies. It's one of the few first person shooter games that I enjoy, and I honestly can't get enough of it. No matter how many times I play it. This game can almost always make me jump in my seat when an unexpected monster gets in my face, or give me the pleasure of laughing like a maniac while going on a rampage with all dem guns. If I'm in a bad mood, this game is the perfect way to get rid of some steam.

The latest version that came in 2016 is aaaah-maaaziiiiinnnggggg. The graphics, endless fun ways to kill the monsters with glory kills, the guuuuuuns, and let's not forget about the epic music that always has me cranking the volume up. Simply amazing. There are so many little quests to each mission, it really just blows my mind how fun this is.

Soooo, if you enjoy going on a rampage with a chainsaw or a sawed off double barreled shotgun, or a BFG, or maybe a heavy assault rifle with an awesome scope - Doom is your thing. The old games are also super fun, and I play them whenever I can. Even if the graphics and all that are not nearly the same as with the 2016 version - I just can't get rid of the nostalgic love!

Heroes of might and magic V: Tribes of the East

I've been playing this game since... I was younger. :censored: It's always as fun. If you're into strategy games, you should try any of the Heroes of Might & Magic ones. I honestly haven't tried as many other versions as I should, because I'm the type of a person that often just likes one game or one version and can't be bothered to try others. The computer could be a much smarter opponent at times in this game, but apparently there's an upgrade to the game that I've yet to get, which levels things out a bit more. Which should be fun!

For anyone that enjoys hoarding huge armies, I'd suggest playing as the Necropolis. They are my personal favorite. :sneaky:


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Mar 7, 2018
So many games, so little time. But just with a glance at the time played in Steam I know which game I need to mention.

Probably not too well known and I'm sure on this site the name conjures up all kinds of dirty thoughts. It's a sci-fi colony survival game and to be honest it was one of those games that I played once and didn't go back to for a long, long time. It's incredibly difficult, the in game tutorial/help isn't all that helpful, some of the controls and mechanics are pretty obtuse and you really need to install a mod or two to make it work right (or at least enjoy it). But who doesn't love a challenge? I'm not the type to let a game beat me so I came back to it eventually and I got so hooked. 200+ hours and going.

If you don't know what kind of game a colony survival type is then it's probably not for you. But if you're into that stuff it's worth a shot. You start with 3 colonists fresh from escaping a crashed ship, with minimal supplies and even less direction. The goal is to eventually get off the planet, but it's a pretty lofty pursuit and takes some dedication. Now, let's get into the challenge. I make it sound like it's just a ridiculously hard game that is hard to get into. It is and it isn't. It depends on what difficulty you pick.

Which brings us to the AI Storytellers.

The game has 3 unique characters that will shape the experience of your game. They all have their own quirks and styles. There's Cassandra Classic, which is the original way the game was meant to be played. She starts slow and builds the challenge up over time. Phoebe Chillax is more laid back and gives you lots of time in the beginning to build up your base and everything, but will eventually present just as much a challenge as Cassandra.

And then we come to Randy Random. My one true love. Randy doesn't give a fuck, Randy will do whatever Randy wants when he wants. He is just as likely to drop toxic fallout on you from the start as he is to have precious materials appear in drop pods. Needless to say, I love me some Randy.

My first run through the game I didn't prepare enough for winter, so we started to run out of food. We were desperate but there was one thing we were always had in surplus: Raiders. People were always trying to attack us, kill us, steal our shit. So why not eat them? The colonists didn't much like it, but at least the didn't die of hunger. No, they got killed by a pack of wild Muffalos that went manhunter crazy on us. But that was way later.

It's one of those games where you can sink way too much time into and still never really finish.
Jan 6, 2019
This is a fun thread! But god... there are just so many games, that its hard to just pick a couple that I think really shaped me as a gamer and even to a large extent, as a roleplayer as well

Reign of Chaos

(To a much lesser extent Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness)​
This should probably shock absolutely no one that has even tangentially read my request thread at all. But, this was the first game (to a lesser extent series because I played and enjoyed II a lot, but not to the same extent of III), that really shaped my love of the RTS genre as a whole. At the time I was absolutely blown away at how a game like this could tell a fun, engaging story, and more or less build and shape an entire realm around itself as if fully from nothing at all. I would sit at the computer and play this game for hours on end, imagining what it would be like to live in this world. To be a proud footman of the alliance. To wonder just what could happen if you stepped too far into the untamed, (at the time), wilds of Kalimdor. Azeroth was the first real "realm" that I ever felt compelled by, that I got sucked into. A place that was not my own that I wanted to know more, and more, and more about it.

I appreciated it most because it presented four individual factions that seemed robust and with their own merits, and yet more importantly I understood/appreciated why each faction worked the way that it did. Sure some of that in hindsight falls backwards to the thole "Well its high fantasy so we will follow this trope, break this one..." kind of stuff, but it just felt like everything in it had a proper place. That while I would never in my wildest dreams think of liking playing the Undead Scourge, I loved every second of it.

Mostly because it told an engaging story and was forced to build out its world to a much more potent and higher extent than the two previous games ever really needed or called for. The story from all sides told a nice blending of personal triumph, tragedy, betrayal and hope that I felt like it could do no wrong.

Also because in my opinion, (Save for the undead, who are well... undead), each of the factions felt like they were filled with real people. That there was good and bad on all sides, regardless of whatever "race" they happened to be. That Orcs could be honor bound sentinels of tradition with a reverence for spirits and nature, as well as bloodthirsty warrior willing to do and kill anything that stood in their way . That Human Paladins, sworn to uphold the light, could become bent and eventually broken. Driven insane by his own sense of glory and desire.

Dragon Age: Origins

This was another game that changed my whole reality when it came to both western action RPG's, as well as fantasy as a whole. This was another realm that I quickly became sucked into, and continue to be sucked in by to this day.

But more importantly for me this was a game about choices. And Choices that weren't always good or evil. Choices where not everything had a good result, choices that actually felt like they mattered. Choices that made me feel like a Human being having to make a choice. Not just a sprite picking between two options for one reason or another.

Tons of games have choices. In fact it seems like every game has some element of that now, however sometimes it feels like the "illusion" of choice for the sake of having them in there. This was the first game that I felt like playing quick and "dirty" wasn't necessarily an "evil" option. I didn't feel constrained by what might have been "Good" or "Bad", but rather by "What morality, if any, does my character hold to? And how would they react in this situation.

I'll probably talk about Mass Effect as well... Down the line, because I don't want to put to many games in one post, but Dragon Age was the first series that I really played that had this level of detail, this level of imersive quality where I felt like I wasn't just "playing myself" but on a video game. Rather that when I made that Human Noble Rouge, I was making a brand new person, filled with personality and flair all their own. That sure was constrained by the elements that were available in the game, but had options to make them distinct and unique.