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Writing About Carmen & Jasmine...

Jul 27, 2018
Los Angeles,California & Toronto,Canada
Carmen De La Pica Morales is a Studio Assistant in the Day by Night she's a D.J. at the planet a Gay Bar night club by night and restaurant by day in West Hollywood,California.Her and Shane make a hot couple but fight hard and love harder.She's the Love Interest to Shane McCutcheon.

Jasmine is a Fashion Editor for a Fashion Magazine that lives a Semi-Normal looking life in Toronto,Canada she's engaged to Rile her Fiance.The story is different in the case that Jasmine had a short relationship with a girl when she was a teenager they kissed once it lasted only Four seconds her freaked out and Jasmine never again saw the girl from there on her mother forced her to get with guys hence she's now engaged with Rile.She loves him but the night he leaves to travel for work Jasmine and her Friend Claire go out.Claire they end up at a ALL Girl Party which is for gay women up arriving she goes right to the bathroom crossing paths with Dallas who is a Dominate Roofer Lesbian who owns her own Roofing company and grew up in Sweden she notices Jasmine when Jasmine goes to wash her hands of course Jasmine recognizes her from the house across from where she lives and where Dallas is doing the roofing and says just that they introduce each other to one another and start to talk Jasmine of course starts to notice her feelings and quickly tries to avoid Dallas.This only makes Dallas chase her through the party until they end up outside in a balcony the share a cigarette start talking more Jasmine at one point ends up relaxing herself against the cool brick wall Dallas walks right up to her inches away from her face they talk some more until kissing.Jasmine is pulled out of the heated kiss and realizes what's happened again quickly she leaves walking out of the Girl Party with her friend right behind her she asks Jasmine why she is acting crazy Jasmine tells her why.The Next morning Dallas see's Jasmine and they exchange Good Morning's while getting her car ready to go to work Dallas knocks on her window Jasmin pushes the button the window slides down Dallas ask her what's she's doing later that night Jasmine replies with working late then Dallas tells her that by tonight she'll be done with the job and she'll never have to see her again winking.That same day at work we Jasmine do her job then turns to her assistant saying I want to be home before dark her assistant replies I'll get it wrapped up cut to later that day Jasmine arrives home Dallas see's her then asks did you change your mind?...Jasmine say's One Drink and where done. That night you see each one getting dressed upon Jasmine coming out of her house Dallas stops looking at her saying..."Are you trying to kill me?" they go out to a bar Jasmine has one drink they again talk that leads into two kisses Jasmine again tells Dallas I'm leave she runs outside and into an alleyway Dallas catches up with her telling her "Stop Torturing yourself"....Jasmine Replies "Stop Torturing Me" They once again share a VERY Heated Kiss and From there They Begin their Love Affair.