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Arrival A raven looking for a nest


Mar 30, 2018
Hello everyone,

I'm just a raven looking for a forever home and this place is looking quite tempting so I'll flutter around a bit and explore.

I turned 30 earlier this month and I've been role-playing in one way or another for nearly 20 years at this point.
I enjoy a number of genres, from simple slice of life romance stories to crime to fantasy to sci-fi... Currently I'm mostly craving fantasy stories though.

I also enjoy writing diverse characters from all walks of life and like to challenge myself to try new things, after all there's no telling what I enjoy if I haven't tried lots of things!

Besides writing, I also enjoy video games, currently mostly playing Monster Hunter: World and Fallout 4 but I also like Pokemon games and various other Nintendo games.
I also enjoy a number of series, currently mostly the web D&D show Critical Role. (Since it's rare to meet critters in the wild, if you're into CR and want to RP, hmu. I'm basically up for anything!)

Alright, I shall get back to exploring a bit more, I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and starting some awesome games!


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Mar 7, 2018
Ice Ice Baby ~
Explore ahead! Send a staffer a message if you've got a question! Hopefully this will become your permanent home. :)