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Arrival A portal appears...


Mar 12, 2019
Greetings, I am Laos.
[28, Non-binary, they/them]

Here to hopefully find roleplayers I can mesh with and write up some cool stories.

I'm pansexual, dominant, pan-romantic... and so are pretty much all my characters. I'll do almost any pairings, and any kind of character... except I only play dominants.

I have a whirl of characters, that I've been shaping over the years, and have done/gotten some art for most of them... or maybe half of them. [over 100 characters]. I'm also creating a country/language/lore that spans back a few years. I don't play characters from other peoples' stories, but I'll happily attempt to shove one of my mine into someone else's story. Heh.

I comfortably write 1-2 paragraphs on a good day. I write in the 3rd person and prefer that my partner does as well. I'm into sci-fi/Fantasy either or some mix of the two. Happy with furries and the like.

Now I glanced at the rules and posted this... I'm going to explore a bit.
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