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Taskforce 20


Taskforce 20 Charter (abridged)

Article 1: Serve the ends of peace and justice worldwide.
Article 2: Act decisively in accordance with Article 1 of the Taskforce Charter, no matter the cost.
Article 3: Always attempt to keep civilians safe whenever possible.
Article 4: Use whatever methods necessary to uphold Article 3.
Article 5: Always be true and loyal to your brothers and sisters-in-arms.

Units involved in TF20: FBI SWAT, SAS, SBS (UK) GIGN, GSG9, JTF2, DEVGRU, SAT (Japan), BOPE, GEO, GROM, SDU (Hong Kong), 707th SMB, GIS (Italy), SFOD-D, SC&O19, Marine Raider Regiment, GIGR, among others

TF20 is kind of my more flexible version of an international Counter-Terror initiative that is intentionally based on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (specifically Siege). This international counter-terror initiative can be used in any modern setting, including modern fantasy with magic etc. (think of more powerful offensive magics being regulated on the same level as NBC weaponry).
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