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Johnathan Winters 2018-09-15

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Goes by: John
Real Name: Jonathan Winters
Age: 32
Height: 6'0"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel / Brown

Physical Description: John has an athletic build and looks to be in great shape. He doesn't work out to show off however and while he has a toned body, it's mostly a result of him doing physical labour rather than training at the gym. His discipline demands that he keeps himself presentable, neat and tidy despite his work doing a good job of preventing him from staying that way. He has an intense gaze and others usually feel that he can see right through them. He has a pleasant smile and a confident way of carrying himself in his daily life.

Personality: John has an easy going personality but he somehow still manages to commands the attention of others by his presence and his words. He chooses his words carefully and people usually listen. He is a good listener, frequently having to utilize that skill with his squadmates more so than advice them about what he thinks they should do. In fact, he makes an effort to stay out of other people's life and business for the most part unless they ask for his advice or help. He has a strong moral compass of his own that doesn't always align with the laws of the land. He is willing to forgive more than the law would in an individual. He has been to dark places himself and he has encountered truly evil men so he is willing to accommodate a lot more than most people. He is the kind of guy who seems to have no strong desires to achieve something more than what he already has and he seems content with his lot in life.

Likes: Reading. Being out in nature. Animals, especially dogs and cats. Coffee.
Dislikes: Attention and limelight. People with a huge ego. Those that exploit others. Being unable to help his friends.
Favourite Food: All breakfast food, especially eggs
Hobbies: Reading. Running and hiking. Woodcarving
Occupation: General purpose handyman

Sexuality & Relationships: John is heterosexual although he is fine if his partner is not. That being said, he isn't willing to share and is likely going to be possessive about his partner. While he has so far fulfilled his sexual needs through one night stands, he hasn't yet found someone he that likes as a person and can connect with on an emotional level. Given how reserved he is about his own feelings and emotions, he needs to trust someone first before he would let her in to form an emotional connection. He has been told by his partners that he has super-human stamina in bed. While that may be, he doesn't get desperate and can handle being on his own for a long period of time. But that also means he is going to leave his next partner drained and not walking right after they are done in bed.

Background: John was an orphan that barely made a mark on the world until he joined the army. Once he found his calling and a family of brothers and sisters, he ended up leaving deep scars on the world around him. The world retaliated and scarred the soldiers in return mentally. At that young age, the secrecy of their operations was a badge of honour for them. Only later did they realize that it would hurt them in the long run, unable to reach out and ask for help when needed, even from their fellow veterans.

The experiences of squads like theirs weren't really shared by the rest of the soldiers. So the smaller group had to become the only support system each of the individuals had. John was their leader in combat and they looked up to him for advice and to talk them down from a ledge when needed. John didn't really attribute his lifestyle to it but he knew he had to be available to his brothers and sisters if they were to ever need him. So he never settled down. He already had a family that depended on him and on the others. He couldn't always help and they didn't always reach out and each loss would cut deep as a failure to protect his family. They remain in touch on a weekly basis and only his former squad know where he is at any given time.

The drifter lifestyle suited him well. He used the money after his discharge to go to vocational school and pick up a bunch of skills that could let him earn and survive well enough wherever he went. He bought himself a rugged Jeep Wrangler that he loves. He prefers to stay and live in smaller towns as there is more need and acceptance of someone with his skillset. There is usually too much competition in the city to earn a decent wage that would allow him to live in the more expensive city.
Likes: Teh_Sid
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