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I'm new to this site. What should I do first?
Reading the rules here is always the most crucial step of joining a new site. It's a good idea to also check out our NSFW (Not Safe For Work) guide here so you know right from the start what kind of avatars and art we welcome on the site!

We also encourage all of our lovely members to drop an intro here. Tell us a little about yourself, let's become friends! We also have a Discord channel you can join by going here!

How do I start roleplaying?
Contact people that strike you as interesting and fun to write with! Don't be shy, we're all friendly here and eager to get more partners! But we also encourage you to post up a 'want ad' in the 'Out of Bedroom' forum if you have specific wants - in there you can seek out female characters or male ones, or pretty much anything you want. There are also always plenty of interesting plots waiting in there to be worked on, so check out all the requests that have been posted and see if you can't find something to your liking. Once you've worked something out with another person, all you gotta do is start up a new thread in the 'In the Bedroom' forum.

I'm not sure how to strike up a conversation with someone I want to write with.
We've all felt a bit hesitant and shy around people at first. But just send them a private message with a friendly hello and an RP proposal! Nobody is going to be biting your head off, promise.

In order to send someone a Private Message, all you need to do is hover with your mouse over their name or avatar. Then you'll be able to choose the option 'Start Conversation'. Simply click on that, and you can start chatting away.

You can also click on the 'Inbox' icon that's next to your name on the top right corner of the site. Once you've clicked on 'Inbox' you'll be able to choose 'Start a new conversation'. There you can choose the person you want to write a message to, by writing their name in the 'Recipients'. It's enough to write the first two letters of their name, and then they'll pop up as shown on the image that follows:

Can I have a gif in my signature?
We don't support having any images in the signatures.

I want to report someone, how does that work?
There is a report option at each post and each private message. If you wish to report something from Discord, please take a screenshot of the message or copy the log and send it to an admin via PM. If the offense took place while on the voice chat of Discord, PM the admin what the offense was, when it happened and who was the offender and let the admin also know who was present in the chat as a witness.

If the offender is someone you met on the site but the offense doesn't happen on the site itself or on our Discord, he/she can still be held accountable. And despite private messages being exclusive, doesn't mean they can be used for any rule breaking offenses.

Bottom line is, report things that make you feel uncomfortable. Even when you're unsure about it. There will be no harm done as the staff will simply view the report and see what the issue is before taking the next step.

Can I change the default color of the layout?
Yes you can! In the left bottom corner of the site, you'll see the Style chooser. Just click on that and you'll be able to pick out from different colored layouts.

How often may I bump a thread?
The limit is once a day.

Can I have more than one accounts?
No, all members are limited to a single account.

How do I deal with someone that's being a slow responder?
Communication is key. Also, remember that people have lives outside of the forum. If you check out our Etiquette guide here you can read more about expressing yourself and talking to your partners.

Can I use HTML in my posts?
No, but you can use BBCodes.

I'm feeling uncomfortable around a member on the site, what should I do?
First of all, let that person know they're making you feel uncomfortable and tell them why. If that wont make them stop with whatever they're doing, then you can use the 'Ignore' feature. By simply clicking on the name of the person in question, you'll be able to notice the 'Ignore' option between the 'Follow' and 'Start conversation' options. 'Ignoring' someone means you've blocked them, so you can no longer view their posts or get messages from them - so basically they wont be able to get into contact with you.

Please, also never hesitate to reach out to a staff member if you're uncertain on what to do in any type of a situation. We're here to help you out.

Can I apply for staff?
At the moment, we're not accepting more staff members. But when the time comes, we'll make sure to post up an announcement for people that'd be interested in joining our forces.

What's cybering?
Glad you asked! Cybering involves the person behind the computer screen wanting to get some quick jerk off material. Cybering has nothing to do with roleplaying - it deals with you wanting to get freaky with the person you're talking to. To read more about cybering vs roleplaying and our rules on that - please go to the Etiquette guide here.

Is underage roleplaying allowed?
You can play characters of all ages in your threads. However, as the rules state, any character that'll be involved in any sexual activities must be 16+ years old.

Can I change the name of my thread?
Yes you can. If you go to the top of your thread, and select More Options (next to 'Watch Thread'), you'll be able to choose 'Edit thread' and there you can freely change the name of your thread. (See photo in spoiler for directions)

How do I edit my posts and private messages?
At the bottom of your post on the left side, is an 'edit' option you can click on. Same applies for your private messages. There is a one week time limit for the editing of a post and/or a message.

Can I get notifications by email?
Indeed you can! If you click on your name on the top right of the site and select 'Preferences' you can click the pretty little boxes of email notifications.

Can I delete my posts?
You can't delete posts, but the staff can. However, we only delete double posts or obvious spam/trolling. Otherwise, all inactive and unwanted threads and posts will be moved to the archives.

I want to change my username, how do I do that?
You can't change it yourself, but if you contact one of the admins you can ask them to change it for you. Please try not to abuse this option.

Can I delete my account?
You must contact an admin if you wish to have your account deleted.

Can I change my custom title?
Click on your name at the top right on the site, choose 'Account details' and there you'll be able to change your custom title.
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