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Darius Kilbane

Name: Darius Kilbane
Age: 28
Height: 6'2” - Human. 7'5" - Wolf
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Physical Description: Darius is tall even by wolf standards and just as well built as the others of his kind. He is physically in his prime and it shows with or without clothes hiding his well-toned body. As is usual with wolves, his hair grows out quickly and he prefers to keep it slightly longer than average. He mostly keeps a clean-shaven face although there is always a stubble that invades the skin around his strong jaw and chin rather quickly. His body remains in perfect condition thanks to an accelerated healing factor despite the damage it receives in the recent battles.

His wolf form towers above humans and other wolves alike, reaching a height of more than a foot higher than his human form. The dominating stature and physique is a clear sign of an alpha to the other wolves and the humans that know of such things. His fur is dark brown in this form with claws the size of small blades that can easily tear a human in half.

Personality: Darius is a natural leader and has been able to take on the role with considerable ease. He is sure of himself but recognizes the burden of responsibility that he holds upon his shoulders and the impact his decisions could have. He tries not to second guess himself and is able to avoid doing so in the heat of battle. But the same humility gives him the ability to evaluate his own decisions and learn from any mistakes he makes rather quickly. He is quite curious about people, wolves and humans alike and takes the time to learn about them before making a judgement about them. He is an attentive listener and most find themselves opening up to him and trusting him almost instinctively. He dislikes not taking action when he thinks something has to be done. He has no problem standing alone against the prevailing currents if he thinks he needs to do so. He has his father to thank for instilling in him the tales of individuals that stood their ground and did what was right despite what society thought of them. His mother kept reminding him to remain grounded and never doubt what an individual was capable of achieving. The mix of compassion and willpower serves him well as the leader of the vigilantes who hunt 'their own kind' to save the reputation of the wolves and a potential war with humans.

Background: The Kilbane family have been landowners with dominion over some of the best forest land around. That attracted a large population of wolves to settle at the borders of the land, especially since they had a good relationship with the nearest human settlements and kingdoms as well. With a flourishing trade and a steady stream of taxes, the Kilbane lands were one of the best places for werewolves. But the prosperity also made the family hesitant in taking part in a conflict of any kind. Being the youngest of the three siblings of the family, Darius felt he was the only one who had the capacity to go against the wishes of the family when they refused to listen to him as he warned them about how humans would react to the threat of the 'diseased' wolves that were killing and infecting the humans.

While he saw the point of view of his father and his elder brother and sister, who took a more active role in managing their estate, he still believed that their inaction would erode away at the trust and delicate balance they had maintained with the humans for so long. He couldn't really keep it a secret for long once he formed his pack and went after the diseased wolves with his friends and some other hunters who saw the problem as he did.

He knew that his family couldn't openly support a pack of vigilante wolves that hunted others of their own kind. They were criminals but were considered a necessary evil by most of the people who lived on the lands. They were left alone by the guards who turned a blind eye as they were usually happy to have them around if it meant they didn't have to deal with the aggressive animals by themselves. It was only recently that the humans had started sending their own people after the diseased wolves. It wasn't long before news of their pack spread across to the human kingdoms as well. Darius hoped it had the effect he was hoping for. He wanted the humans to know that they didn't accept these raging monsters as their own kind and were happy to stand with the humans in neutralizing the threat they posed even if it meant tracking down and killing members of their own kind.

Relationship Status: Until recently, was promised to marry a childhood friend from another family of landowners. The engagement was broken off by the father of the prospective match when he learned about his involvement with the vigilantes.
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